The Body of Your Dreams – It Is Possible! Sandra Preston

Believing that good health is just a part of any great life, I take my workouts and my diet very seriously. As a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer, I have committed myself to helping other women achieve their fitness goals and get to a place in their lives where they are happy with the way they feel and look physically.

I put hard work at the center of my philosophy, and everyone who knows me knows that I am never short on motivation and never shy about sharing my energy to motivate others. My dedication to my own fitness and to helping others is inspiring, which is one the key reasons I am so effective at what I do.

People know that they can turn to me for an example of what to do to push through their blocks and reach even their loftiest goals. My results are proof positive: If you follow my advice, you too can get the body that you want.

For a long time, I dreamed about achieving a certain look. I wanted a big, curvy butt, I wanted toned arms, and I wanted to look in the mirror and recognize myself as fit.
Not one to let dreams be dreams, I got to work, spending years working on my strength and stamina, knocking out workout after workout, sticking to my diet strictly and diligently. The workouts became fun to me over time, and they also became a balancing force in my life. I looked forward to the hours that I got to spend in the gym, realizing that if I saw exercise as “work,” it would inevitably feel like work. Conversely, if I saw exercise as “play,” it would feel like play, and even the most grueling sessions fly by in turn.

138 Sandra's clients lost weight and got the body of their dreams
2843lb Total weight loss
54 Women made their butts bigger, rounder and curvier

To date, 138 of my clients have reached their weight loss goals and chiseled out the body of their dreams. Their total weight loss exceeds 2,843 pounds and counting!

When I look back at the numbers, I feel driven forward to do even more and to work even harder, cognizant that the time my clients and I are putting in at the gym is really paying off.

That means something to me, and it feels wonderful to remember what I am pouring my heart and soul into. Just like I got the big, curvy butt that I wanted, all of my clients have too, striving for a more eye-catching figure and with the right amount of effort and diet, getting what they want!