Naturally Enhance Your Cleavage With Regular Breast Massages

Did you know almost half of all women are unhappy with their breasts? Some sources say that this number is even higher – close to 70%. And no, it has nothing to do with age.

Whether you’re in your 20s or your 50s, you may lack confidence because your chest is too small.

But that’s where regular breast massages can help. This simple practice will not only enhance the size and shape of your chest, but it will also boost your overall health. Let’s see how it can help and whether or not it’s right for you!

What is Involved with a Breast Massage?

Breast massages are one of the most widely used methods for identifying breast cancer and stimulating lactation. Some women also massage their breasts to relax after a long day and relieve sore muscles.

What you may not know is that a regular massage can also enhance your cleavage and increase your cup by a size or two.

As the name suggests, this practice involves massaging your breasts. Depending on your preferences, you can use natural oils, breast massage enlargement creams, or homemade formulas. The key is to do this on a daily basis.

There’s no need to see a massage therapist either. Rubbing your breasts is really simple. Use slow, circular motions, focusing on one breast at a time. For best results, massage your chest for at least 15 minutes a day.

Breast Massage Techniques Every Women Should Master

There are various breast massage techniques, and each have their own unique benefits. Choosing one over the other comes down to your goals and preferences. For a typical massage, use these tips:

  • Rub your hands with essential oils until they become warm.
  • Place them under your breasts and massage them in a circular pattern.
  • Use your fingertips to tap all over your cleavage.

Another option is to massage one breast at a time. Again, you’ll need to use a circular motion. Gently roll your hands over your breasts until the oil or cream is absorbed into the skin.

For improved circulation, use the following technique:

  • Place your hand inside your armpit, pushing inward and upward with four fingers. Keep the palm of your hand over your breast.
  • Pump up, release, and repeat 10 to 20 times.
  • Grab one breast at a time with your hand.
  • Move it gently towards your armpit. Repeat 10 times.
  • Next, pump your breast inward with a slow, controlled motion. Repeat five times.

Is Breast Massage Safe While Breastfeeding?

Rubbing your breasts regularly will do a lot more than just give you a fuller chest. This practice is particularly beneficial during and after pregnancy. Sore breasts are a common complaint among moms-to-be, and regular massages can help.

It will not only relieve soreness and discomfort, but it will also keep your breasts firm and your skin hydrated. In fact, many breast massage techniques are specifically designed for pregnant women.

When done right, they may help prevent sagging and increase your cup size.

While you’re breastfeeding, it’s even more important to massage your breasts regularly. This technique has been shown to relieve breast pain in lactating women and reduce the sodium content in breast milk. Other studies have found that women who massage their chest when breastfeeding produce more nutritious milk with higher levels of casein, lipids, and solids.

Furthermore, this practice improves the blood flow to your breasts and the surrounding tissue, which in turn, stimulates milk production and empties the milk ducts. In the long run, it may help prevent infections, clogged milk ducts, engorgement, and other issues commonly associated with breastfeeding.

How to Massage Your Breasts for Lactation

Massaging your breasts to increase milk supply is quite simple. Two techniques are commonly used. These include the Plata Rueda method and the Marmet method.

The first one works best right before pumping or breastfeeding. All you need to do is to hold each breast at a time between your hands and gently move the glandular tissue up and down.

The second massage technique can be used while feeding your baby. You will focus on one breast at a time, rubbing the glandular tissue in a circular pattern with three or four fingertips.

Does a Regular Massage Help Your Breasts Grow?

This simple practice can enhance breast size and shape. At the same time, it also increases firmness and helps reverse the signs of aging. It does so by raising prolactin levels and improving blood flow.

The increased blood flow stimulates estrogen production and improves the skin’s elasticity. It also helps bring more nutrients and oxygen to your breast tissue. Prolactin, the hormone we’ve mentioned earlier, promotes lactation and supports reproductive health.

For faster results, use a natural oil or breast enlargement creams. This way, you’ll get a bigger cup in less time and keep your skin hydrated all day long.

The best breast enlargement formulas are highly nourishing and stimulate natural breast growth.

Choose the Best Oils for Breast Massages

Massaging your breasts with natural oils is a great way to nourish your skin, prevent sagging, and slow the aging process. From olive oil and almond oil to essential oils, the possibilities are endless.

Each formula has distinctive properties, so make sure you choose one based on your goals.

Not use which oil to use? Here are our favorite picks:

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Fenugreek oil
  • Almond oil
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Wheat germ oil
  • Lavender oil

Almond oil, for instance, is rich in antioxidants that protect your skin and breasts from oxidative damage. At the same time, it promotes the formation of new breast cells and may help you get a bigger cup.

Coconut oil is particularly beneficial for women with stretch marks on their chest. Rich in healthy fats and antioxidants, coconut oil keeps your skin smooth while erasing imperfections.

Furthermore, it balances your hormone levels and induces a feeling of relaxation.

For faster breast growth, use fenugreek oil. This healthful concoction stimulates estrogen production and restores hormonal balance, leading to a fuller cleavage.

What about Breast Enhancement Creams?

If you’re not a big fan of natural oils, consider using breast enhancement creams. Naturaful, Total Curve, Breast Actives, Bust Bomb Cream, and IsoSensuals are just a few examples.

Each product features a unique formula and can increase your breast size by at least one or two cups.

In general, these formulas are made with natural ingredients and suitable for all skin types. Some are hypoallergenic or designed for women with sensitive skin.

Most creams contain herbs and oils that boost estrogen production and trigger hormonal changes that promote breast growth. Pueraria Mirifica, fenugreek, Dong Quai, watercress, collagen, and vitamin E are among the most commonly used ingredients.

These products can add inches to your bust and give you a toned, fuller cleavage. Some formulas also reduce the appearance of stretch marks and neutralize free radicals.

Those containing vitamin E, for instance, protect against acute and chronic skin damage and may decrease your risk of developing cancer.

Remember that consistency is the key. Massage your chest with these creams daily to reap the benefits. Most formulas produce noticeable results in as little as one month.

The Life-Changing Benefits of Breast Massages

Hundreds of studies confirm the benefits of getting regular breast massage. This technique has been shown to increase lactation, reduce breast cancer risk, and ward off depression. On top of that, it increases sexual pleasure.

Whenever you’re massaging your chest, your body produces oxytocin, the so-called love hormone. Elevated oxytocin levels have been linked to lower rates of anxiety, depression, and stress-related disorders.

This practice may protect against breast cancer by increasing blood flow and sweeping out stagnant toxins from the breasts. It’s one of the best ways to stimulate lymph flow and maintain healthy breast tissue.

Wearing a bra, for instance, affects circulation, and regular breast massages can counteract its side effects, leading to better health.

Need more reasons to massage your chest? Do it as a way to detect the early signs of breast cancer. If you notice any pain, discharge, or nodules consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Finally, remember that a breast massage can dramatically improve the appearance of your bust. In a recent study, women who used this technique early on in their pregnancy for just 15 minutes a day developed fewer stretch marks on their chest compared to the control group.

Improve Your Looks – and Your Health

These are just a few of the many benefits of practicing self-massage. Unless you’ve had breast surgery, cancer, or mastitis, this practice is safe and unlikely to cause any adverse reactions.

Beware that if you use a breast enhancement cream for massage, you may experience mild tenderness. This is perfectly normal and shows that your breast tissue is expanding.

Whether you wish to look younger, increase your cup size, or sooth breast pain, regular massages can make a world of difference. It may even save your life. By stimulating the production of anti-aging hormones, it keeps your skin young and glowing.

It’s also a good way to reduce pain and swelling in the chest area. Simply rubbing your bust for a few minutes a day can have an analgesic effect. 

Plus, it helps push toxins through the lymphatic system and promotes healing.

Give yourself a massage today! All you need is olive oil or a moisturizing cream. The benefits are immediate.