There is not just one standard kind of female booty. Just as there are different body shapes, there are also different butt shapes. Here are the women’s butt shapes that occur in the world, what causes their shapes, and how to best dress each one.

Butt Shapes

Types of Bottoms

    • Round Bum

Many women are seeking a round derriere after seeing it get so much attention with the likes of superstar Jennifer Lopez. “The bigger, the better” seems to be the trend these days for this part of the body. Girls with this particular butt type may be said to have “bubble bottoms.”

    • V-Shaped

If your hips are narrower than your waist and the top of the butt, then you have a v-shaped tuckus. It is also known as the “inverted V.” The butt is considerably bigger than the waist for a girl with this shape. The name comes from the shape that the backside makes, a “V” outline. Older ladies tend to have this type because fat storage often moves to other areas of the body after menopause.

    • Square Bottom

The most frequent kind that women have is square. The hips and the pelvis are the same widths, which makes for a boxy look. This is also known as a masculine-looking derriere or “H” shape. It appears flat and is more difficult to reshape than the others. It is considered more top heavy than the other types too.

    • Heart Shaped Butt

Also known as an “A-shaped” or “oval” booty, an upside down heart shaped bum is the fourth type. The butt cheeks are round, and the outer-lower part of the butt has more volume than the rest of the cheeks. If women have wide hips, they probably also have wide bums.
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Butt Shapes Description Photo
Round Appears round, with an equal width to the waist.  Round Butt Shape
V Butt is bigger than the waist.  V Butt Shape
Square Derriere is equal in size to the waist.  Square Butt Shape
Heart Smaller waist with flared width at the lower portion of the behind.  Heart Butt Shape

What Affects the Shape?

These four different butt types result from several factors, including:

  • The shape of your pelvis
  • The size of your pelvis
  • The amount of fat on your glutes

Let’s look specifically at the third point: the amount of fat. A square butt shape is due to fat distribution being mainly in the waist area, which is typically called the “love handles.” Meanwhile, a round butt has a lot of fat stored at the butt cheeks, which gives a perky and circular shape from the back. Round is typically seen as healthier than square because fat is stored away from the abdomen and more towards the backside cheeks.

For a heart shaped bottom, fat distribution is in both the cheeks and the thighs. As for the “V” shape, the shift in fat storage is to the midsection rather than the butt, which makes for the inverted V shape when looking from the back at the body. In general, fat storage in the backside tends to be less dangerous than fat stored in the chest or trunk of the body.

Can You Change Your Butt?

Now that you know what variety you have and what causes its appearance, you are in a better position to change how it looks. Yes, you can make changes to any of the identified shapes through exercise. Many women do exercises to try to achieve a rounder caboose, as it is typically seen to be more appealing to the eye.

Exercises for the glute muscles can provide a more toned, sexier appearance.

Which particular exercises to do will depend on which bottom you have, as identified by the table above. Use movements that target certain areas of your butt to build strength, create a great shape, and help reduce any excess fat for a healthier body. For example, those with square shapes would likely want to add volume to the sides of their butts to round out the shape. Work out those glutes! Eat healthy too, as failing to do so can lead to a flabby derriere.

Or, are you looking for a faster fix than sweating it out for months in the gym to get the butt you want? Surgery is a more aggressive option that is chosen by some people. Do keep in mind that there are risks involved and take care to thoroughly research doctors ahead of time.

Another route to go that is likely less costly – and safer – is to invest in booty shapewear that immediately gives you the appearance you desire for your backside. There are panties on the market that provide padding and lift in certain areas to achieve a better shape.

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The Best-Fitting Pants for Your Derriere

In addition, choose clothing that flatters your caboose. Select pants that flatter your body, according to your butt’s shape:

  • Round – This one looks better in mid-rise skinny jeans than low-cut flared jeans. A low-cut pant could reveal too much in the back when you sit! Avoid a lot of detailing on the back pockets too.
  • Square – This shape looks best with more intricate stitching and glitz in the back as it adds the illusion of volume to the otherwise flat area. A higher waist pant is best is it provides a fuller outline of the body.
  • ♥ – Opt for a denim pant that has less stretch and more structure to it. This will provide a bit of lift, as will contoured back pockets. Also, look for detailing around the top of the pockets to draw the eye upward.
  • V – As for the V shape, it’s best to look for minimal details in the back of the pant. A gal with this type of buttocks can wear both boot cut and flared jeans or other pants. The flare style can elongate the legs. A low-rise jean will provide the illusion of a straighter midsection.

Butts come in many sizes and shapes, and each kind has certain features and fat distribution which affect how it looks. There are many ways to enhance your butt shape, if you wish, including targeted exercises, adopting a healthy diet, flattering clothing, shaping panties, and surgery.