Want to get a bigger butt fast? Wonder what you could do to look amazing in that tight, sexy dress? Believe it or not, you can build a bigger bum in as little as one week. All it takes is smart training and some dietary changes.

Obviously, you won’t get dramatic results in just seven days. However, you can work your booty to a point where it looks bigger. Your muscles swell and gain volume within minutes after working out. It’s the so-called muscle pump. If you train hard enough, the results will last. This means you’ll look fabulous in those skinny jeans or bodycon dress you’re going to wear!

Get a Bigger Butt Fast

Your glutes are just like any muscle in your body: they need time to recover from exercise. Under normal conditions, you shouldn’t train your butt more than once every 36-72 hours. However, if this is your weakest muscle group, hit them twice a week. One training session might be enough to get fast results.

Let’s say you’re getting ready for a pool party. In this case, you want your butt to look round and firm. Training it harder and more often will give you dramatic pumps. This will make your booty appear fuller. A low-carb, high-protein diet can enhance the results.

When you’re training, your butt muscles contract and squeeze. This increases blood flow to the working muscles, making them look bigger. For instance, many guys work their biceps and triceps before going out so their arms look fuller. You can do the same for your butt.

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At the same time, cut back on carbs and eat more protein. Carbs cause fluid retention, so your body will hold on to water. Once you limit sugars, your butt will look firmer and your tummy flatter.

Eventually, you can eat more carbs in the first days of the week and ditch them in the last two or three days. This way, you’ll have the energy needed for a challenging workout and prevent muscle soreness.

For instance, you can consume 150-200 grams of carbs a day from Monday to Tuesday, and then go low-carb or zero carb on Friday and Saturday. If the event you’re attending takes place on Sunday, you’ll look stunning. Your butt will be in the best shape ever!

Now let’s see how to get a bigger butt in a week! Just follow these steps.

how get a bigger butt in a week

Have a Training Plan

First, decide how much time you can dedicate to butt training. Working your booty once a week won’t be enough if you want quick results. Ideally, aim for at least three training sessions. You could work your bottom on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

As a rule of thumb, refrain from training the same muscle group for two consecutive days. Otherwise, you’ll experience fatigue and soreness. This will negatively impact your workouts and limit your gains.

Come up with a workout plan and stick to it. Do at least three exercises per session. The muscles in your body, such as the legs and butt, respond better to higher reps. The 12-15 rep range works best for hypertrophy.

For example, your workout routine could include:

  • Sumo squats 4 x 15
  • Quadruped hip extension 4 x 15
  • Bridges 3 x 12-15
  • Dumbbell lunges 4 x 15

Choose different exercises every time to keep your muscles from adapting. Experiment with squat variations, try new types of lunges, and vary the number of reps and sets. This will shock your muscles into growth and prevent plateaus. Make a habit out of trying new exercises for a bigger butt.

get a bigger booty in a week

Forget About Spot Reduction

Like it or not, you must train all muscle groups to get a sexy, firm bottom in one week. This way, you’ll torch fat and build a perfect physique. If you only focus on the glutes, you’ll develop muscle imbalances. After all, we’ve all seen those skinny girls with a huge butt. It simply doesn’t look good. Plus, you don’t want people to believe you got butt augmentation surgery!

Make sure your workout plan targets all muscles. Train your chest, shoulders, arms, and abs on the days when you’re giving your buttocks a rest. If your butt training plan hits your quads and hamstrings, there’s no need to train legs. The squat, for instance, works both your legs and butt.

Choose the Right Exercises

Not all butt exercises are created equal. Don’t believe everything you read in fitness magazines! Most times, it’s just marketing hype. Focus on exercises that have stood the test of time and work fast, such as:

  • Sumo squats
  • Goblet squats
  • Walking lunges
  • Donkey kicks
  • Sumo deadlifts
  • Straight leg deadlifts
  • Romanian deadlifts
  • Single leg deadlifts
  • Skater hops
  • Step-ups
  • Weighted bridges
  • Hip thrusts
  • Clamshells
  • Side planks with leg lifts
  • Prisoner jump squats
  • Reverse hyperextensions
  • Standing hip abductions
  • Standing kickbacks
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • Single-leg hinges
  • Single-leg good mornings
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Simply pick up to four exercises from this list and perform the required number of reps and sets. Next time, choose different movements to keep your workout varied. Make a training plan that fits into your schedule and supports your goals.

Classic lifts such as the squat, deadlift, and lunges will help you build a strong body and increase butt size. Isolation exercises activate the butt muscles and prevent imbalances.

The deadlift, for instance, increases total body strength. Due to its challenging nature, it recruits more muscle fibers compared to the hip bridge or donkey kicks. At the same time, it boosts your metabolism and improves physical performance. Once you add deadlifts to your routine, you’ll get leaner, stronger, and fitter.

Another great choice is the weighted bridge. This exercise isolates the butt muscles and builds lower body strength. The key is to squeeze your butt really hard as you raise your hips off the floor. As you progress, try the single leg bridge or the weighted bridge.

With a few exceptions, most butt workouts require no equipment and can be done at home. However, you’ll get better results by adding extra weight. Use water bottles or adjustable dumbbells for increased resistance. This will cause your muscles to work harder and grow faster.

If you don’t have any free weights, exercise with a medicine ball or resistance bands. Gradually increase the weight to keep your muscles from adapting to exercise.

get a bigger booty in a week

Focus on Glute Activation

Whether you work out at home or in the gym, emphasize glute activation. This can be done through slow, isolated movements, such as the clamshell and standing kickbacks. Start your training session with heavy, compound lifts and continue with isolation work.

By activating your butt muscles, you’ll enjoy a greater range of motion, improved performance, and faster gains. Your risk of injury will drop, too. For maximum activation, focus on unilateral training. Single leg exercises work best for this purpose. For example, the single leg deadlift targets these muscles better than regular deadlifts.

For best results, always move from your hips. The farther back your hip goes, the more you’ll use your butt muscles. Stretch your hip flexors before training to prevent injuries. Maintain proper lifting form at all times. Otherwise, glute activation becomes nearly impossible.

Work your butt from both the stretched and contracted positions. Hold the contraction for about three seconds before moving to the next rep. Variations of the hip thrust and weighted bridge are a good choice for targeting your butt muscles in the fully contracted position.

To grow your buttocks quickly, perform some form of glute activation every day. Do a few sets of bodyweight squats, single-leg Romanian deadlifts, single-leg bridges, or lunges. This will set your booty on fire and stimulate hypertrophy. Five minutes a day are enough to get a bigger butt in a week.

If you have a few extra pounds, do sprints or HIIT to shed fat. Sprinting is particularly effective for torching fat in the lower body. Moreover, it doesn’t cause muscle loss like traditional cardio does. Beware that too much cardio will flatten your butt and affect overall strength. On top of that, it decreases your metabolic rate, so you’ll burn fewer calories at rest.

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Adjust Your Diet

No matter how hard you work out, you won’t get a sexy butt unless you eat clean. Load up on protein, keep your carb intake low, and eat healthy fats. Sugar, cookies, deli meats, chips, white bread, breakfast cereals, and soda are off limits.

Get your carbs from sweet potatoes, wild rice, quinoa, vegetables, and whole grains. Your daily protein should come from fish, poultry, eggs, and low-fat dairy. Nuts, seeds, avocado, and fatty fish are the best sources of healthy fats, so add them to your diet.

Another good choice is coconut oil, which contains medium chain triglycerides. These fats speed up your metabolism and reduce body fat levels while boosting your energy.  Fruits are high in sugar, so treat them as a dessert. If you have a sweet tooth, dark chocolate and nut butter are your best bet.

With discipline and hard work, you can grow your butt within days. If you keep training and eating clean, the results will last.