How to get a bubble butt


Knowing how to get a bubble butt will save you time and a headache in the gym. If you are tired of not seeing results from your workouts, then you need to implement other techniques to create your dream butt.

The truth is, you can develop an amazing butt without risky and expensive surgery.

Getting a bubble butt requires so much more than just doing endless amounts of squats and hoping for the best.

If you think that doing a bunch of squats every day will give you your dream butt, you are sadly mistaken.

If you’re getting nowhere with your current butt workouts, then it’s time to make some serious changes and create a solid plan for how you are going to get a bubble butt.

A famous quote from Albert Einstein comes to mind: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Therefore, you can’t keep doing the same butt workout over and over again, expecting your bubble butt to magically appear.

Although squats are a part of it, they are not the only part.

How to get a bubble butt

The Top Three Things You Need to Build a Better Booty

The top three things that you need in order to build a better butt are: consistency, the right exercises and a proper diet.

  1. Consistency:
  • First, consistency is the key to getting the results you are looking for. If you only follow a butt workout plan on and off for three weeks, you cannot possibly expect magic to happen.
  • Statistics show that 90% of people give up on their fitness goals within the first three months of starting. Unfortunately, people quit because they don’t see results right away. As a result, what ends up happening is a vicious cycle of starting and stopping their workout routines.
  • If you are looking to get a bubble butt, you must stay consistent with your workout routine and your diet.

Think of this famous Vince Lombardi quote: “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

We’d also like to add that consistent, hard work is what leads to success, even when it comes to getting a bubble butt.

  1. The right exercises:

In order for your butt to grow, it’s important to do the right exercises that focus on the right muscle groups. Not only that, you must also do these exercises with proper form.

If you want to develop a butt that’s the envy of everyone around you, you need to stop doing squats day in and day out. While squats are a great exercise, they are not the only butt-building exercise there is.

In order for your body (and booty) to respond positively to your workouts, you need to change up your exercises. In addition to changing your exercises, you need to progressively make your butt workouts more challenging, either by adding weight or by adding repetitions.

In general, the heavier you lift, the bigger your butt muscles will grow, just like any other muscles in the body.

Your butt workouts need to focus on hypertrophy of the gluteal muscles. For those who don’t know, hypertrophy is an increase in muscle size. In order to get a bubble butt, you need to grow your glutes, particularly your gluteus maximus.

As we all know, the gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in your body. Therefore, having a well-developed gluteus maximus will give your butt the rounded appearance that you are after.

  1. A proper diet:

We all agree that no fitness program is complete without a proper diet. In order to build your butt, you need to ensure that you consume enough calories from the right sources.

First, you will need to increase the amount of protein that you consume from high quality sources.

High quality sources of protein include:

  • Chicken
  • Lean beef
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Beans
  • Tofu & soy products
  • Legumes
  • Milk

Second, you need to decrease the amount of processed foods you eat. Processed foods are very high in calories but very low in essential nutrients. Processed foods contain too much sugar, chemicals and unhealthy fats.

Examples of unhealthy foods include:

  • Cookies
  • Candies
  • Anything from fast food places

In addition to eating more protein, you also need to eat complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Complex carbohydrates will help fuel your butt-building workouts. Examples of complex carbohydrates include: vegetables, whole grains, peas and beans.

Ideally, you should get 55% of your daily calories from complex carbohydrates and 25% from high quality sources of protein. The remaining 20% of your daily calories should come from healthy fats. Please note that it’s not the end of the world if these numbers vary slightly.

Fats for big butt

Top Seven Booty-Building Exercises You Must Do

You’re probably wondering, what exercises, in addition to squats, can you do to grow your butt muscles?

  1. Glute bridges

The glute bridge is a fantastic exercise that will help you get a bubble butt. To perform a glute bridge, lie down on your back with your feet flat on the ground and your knees bent.

Then, while engaging your glutes, lift up your butt until your knees, hips, and shoulders are aligned. Prior to lowering the hips again, you must hold the “up” position for 3-5 seconds.

If you would like to challenge yourself even more, place a weight on your hips. Additionally, you can put an elastic band slightly above your knees, which will even further help you engage your glutes during this move.

Beginners should perform two sets of 15 repetitions to start with. Each week, you should aim to progressively increase the difficulty of the exercise and the number of repetitions that you perform.

  1. Glute kickbacks

First, you must know that there are two main variations of the glute kickback. One of them can be done anytime and anywhere while the other must be done at the gym.

Let’s start with the basic glute kickback that can be done anytime and anywhere. To perform this move, get on all fours, preferably on a mat or soft carpet. Then, lift one of your legs up until it’s straight behind your body. After that, while engaging your glute, kick your leg up.

In order to make this move more challenging as you get further into your butt workouts, you can add ankle weights.

The other variation of the glute kickback is done using a cable machine at the gym. To start, lower the cable machine so that you can use the ankle strap. Place your ankle in the ankle strap while facing the machine. Then, kick your leg back and feel your butt muscles working.

Over time, you should be able to increase the amount of weight you use during cable glute kickbacks.

You must do the same amount of repetitions with each leg.

  1. Plie squats

Plie squats are also referred to as sumo squats. The difference between plie squats and traditional squats is that when you perform plie squats, you must position your legs a bit wider. Once your legs are positioned wider, you can then lower yourself into a squat.

  1. Jump squats

Jump squats help develop explosive power in your glutes. Furthermore, they are a great way to add cardio to your butt-building sessions.

In order to perform a jump squat, position yourself in the same way you would if you were doing a regular squat. Then, jump up while engaging your core and butt muscles. When you land, get back down into the squat position.

If you are a beginner, aim to do two sets of 15 to 20 jump squats. Then, increase the number of reps as you see fit.

  1. Lateral leg lifts

To perform a lateral leg lift, just like the name suggests, you must lift your leg sideways while engaging  your gluteus medius and minimus.  In order to make this move more challenging as you progress, you can use the cable machine or ankle weights.

For those who don’t know, the gluteus medius and minimus are also butt muscles. Although they are smaller butt muscles, they still should not be ignored. Having a strong gluteus minimus and medius will help prevent knee injuries so that you can continue doing your butt-building workouts.

  1. Squats

We all know that squats are a very popular exercise amongst those who want to get a bubble butt. You can do squats with a barbell, and you can also do them with a dumbbell. Additionally, you can use the smith machine for squats.

One of the key things to remember when doing squats is that you must be careful not to compromise your knees for depth. You must do squats with proper form to ensure that you are engaging your butt muscles without putting yourself at risk of knee injuries.

Even if your squats are not as deep as you’d like them to be, you can still grow your butt muscles. During the down phase of your squat, make sure that your knees don’t go in front of your toes, especially if you are lifting a lot of weight.

  1. Lunges

Lunges will definitely help you develop your butt if you do them with proper form. If you don’t do them with proper form, you will put yourself at risk of knee injuries.

The starting position for a lunge is standing with proper posture with your feet shoulder width apart. While keeping your chin up, step forward with one leg. As you step forward, engage your glutes and core. Then, keep lowering your hips until your knees are at 90°.

Again, you must perform the same number of repetitions with each leg.

Final Thoughts on Building a Great Booty

To develop a round, shapely bubble butt, you must be consistent and persistent when it comes to your training and diet. Not everyone can afford buttock implants, not to mention the risks associated with such surgery.

Yes, you too can have a great-looking bum.

If you found these tips useful, please share them with others who are striving to get an amazing butt.